We're your community-based telecommunications company. We're not-for-profit, and 100% focused on our community. We're listening.

The roots that ground us

GoFred is owned and operated through e-Novations, a holding company whose founding members include senior staff of the City of Fredericton. We're fuelled by skilled professionals; seasoned executives and top notch engineers combined.

A brief history

A new industry was born in the late nineties when the CRTC deregulated, allowing multiple non-dominant carriers to exist. We are one of them. As a CRTC registered provider we operate our network through the use of public utility poles.

Our Leadership

We are organized in three layers, with senior management of our city in the driver's seat. We are overseen by a board of directors and owned by the City of Fredericton. Here's a glimpse at our founding members:

Maurice Gallant, President and CEO
Maurice Gallant
President and CEO
Mike Richard, V.P. Operations
Mike Richard
V.P. Operations
Chris MacPherson, Chairman of the Board
Chris MacPherson
Chairman of the Board

Why we're different

The traits that mark us have led us to stand out in the Fredericton community
and beyond. We are the only community-based telecommunications company
in Canada, paving the way for IT growth across the country.

  • We consistently search for new ways to offer services of the highest calibre
    at the lowest cost.
  • Not-for-profit means every dollar you spend is reinvested in furthering the quality of our services.
  • Economic development in our community is part of our core focus.
  • We provide custom solutions.

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