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e-Novations Helps Local Veterans Get Connected

| Nov 6 2014

Fredericton, NB (November 6, 2014) – Residents of the Horizon Health Network Veterans Health Unit in Fredericton are now able to access the internet thanks to e-Novations, the City’s telecommunications company.

Earlier this year staff and family members asked for some help with internet connectivity and e-Novations obliged by installing Fred-eZone, the free public wireless network offered by e-Novations, in the unit’s common areas. Prior to that no internet access was available to the unit, which is located adjacent to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital.  

“This is a great move by e-Novations, allowing our veterans to use technology to stay connected,” said Mayor Brad Woodside.

Maurice Gallant, president of e-Novations and director of the City of Fredericton’s Department of Information, Improvement and Innovation, said the benefits to veterans at the unit are many.

“Residents can use mobile devices to connect to the internet, view family photos, and stay in touch with their families,” said Gallant. “Family members who come to visit their relatives can also appreciate the ability to connect to the internet.”

Janet Crealock, recreation therapist at the Veterans Health Unit said the residents are taking full advantage of the service.

“They are curious about the equipment such as iPads that can be used for communication, games, and the internet,” said Crealock. “We have received positive feedback from families who have used the service to reach family across the country. We have had a request from a son in England to speak with his father on the Alzheimer Unit. Another family talks to a granddaughter in Alberta weekly on FaceTime. This was not possible a few months ago.”

Crealock said it has been fun watching the reaction of residents who are using the technology.

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