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How This Region is Raising the Bar for Business Growth

| Oct 27 2014

Faster is better. Faster-to-market. Faster to get the right resources – human and technical. Faster to communicate. Faster to achieve sales and business growth. That’s exactly why Profit Guide  and Fortune provide rankings on companies that are growing quickly or poised for growth. That’s exactly why regions with forward-thinking leaders who can provide skilled and motivated work-forces, a low-cost of doing business, multimodal transportation infrastructure, and world-class communications infrastructure are the regions that excel. And that’s exactly how “this”region is raising the bar for business growth and why it just became even more competitive!

And where is this region? Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, just raised the stakes with its latest announcement that it now can offer the lowest cost gigabit data service in Atlantic Canada making it the most competitive in the region. “I am thrilled to announce that the City’s [Fredericton] GoFred fibre optic network has formed a strategic partnership with F6 Network’s regional fibre backbone, to offer the lowest cost gigabit data services in Atlantic Canada,”stated His Worship, Brad Woodside, Mayor of Fredericton.Invest NB, Do Business In New Brunswick, Innovation

In fact, we haven't found anyone on the North American continent who can beat it.

And being positioned for growth doesn’t end with access to gigabit hyper-connectivity throughout the GoFred and F6 networks, at one of the lowest costs.  Combined with New Brunswick being named the lowest business cost location in Canada and the US in KPMG’s 2014 Competitive Alternatives study, growing and building your business here just makes sense. It is Where Business Comes Naturally. “Companies typically pay anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 a month for this type of speed on a long-term contract,”stated Woodside. “GoFred provides the same service for $200 a month.”

“By extending our Open Access connect solutions, F6 is playing a vital role in the delivery of [Information, Communications Technology] ICT infrastructure,”commented Tom Rivington, CEO, F6 Networks. “With the introduction of an industry leading Ciena optical transport platform, capable of multiple 100 Gbps wavelengths, F6 has connected our global backbone link at the Cirrus9 datacentre to the GoFred network.”

Already users in Fredericton’s Knowledge Park are leveraging the network and benefiting. BlueSpurs, a local ICT company in the Park acknowledged:  “It allows the private and public sector to [reduce] costs, be more flexible, robust, and nimble while adopting cloud computing,” noted Mike LeBlanc, CEO of BlueSpurs. “Basically they extend their enterprises to a local cloud as well as start consuming cloud-based services. It enables more living lab concepts to be developed in this region. That could be Internet of things, mobile payments, etc. It obviously will attract new companies to the region because of the investment in this infrastructure as well as the players in this ecosystem.”

Double-digit growth and faster-to-market access require the right resources – human and technical as well as a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem to accomplish your goals. Market leaders can’t afford to waste time worrying about high bandwidth scalable connections. That’s why market leaders are paying attention to New Brunswick and making moves to expand and grow in New Brunswick.