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Why Choose Dark Fibre?

What is Dark Fibre?

Dark fibre (also known as customer managed fibre) is a product that is exclusive to GoFred in the Fredericton region. Dark fibre allows customers to light and manage their own dedicated fibre strand(s) with electronics supplied by the customer. With GoFred Dark Fibre, customers can access city-wide ultra secure, ultra fast and 100% dedicated fibre optics offered on an annual rental basis or on a long term IRU (irrevocable right of use) lease.

Are we the right partner for you?

If you're a large enterprise, you have a lot of assets to consider. Our services may be the most practical solution to your business needs. The fibre we supply allows you to transmit data securely at faster speeds and greater distances than you may have experienced before.

We provide connections between your office spaces; supplying companies with raw fibre. Our members have the freedom to build their own private network that will run at their preferred speeds. We call this customer-managed fibre. Ultimately, we're here to get you started. Once things are in motion, the details are up to you.

Dark fibre is another way to describe fibre in its purest form; raw. In purchasing unlit fibre, you will enjoy a product that is uniquely yours and experience ultimate control. We'll ensure the installation of fibre cables is physically secure, all you need to worry about is connecting your servers, technology and managing them independently. Our role is to provide you with the fastest, most reliable fibre on the market. The benefits will far exceed your initial investment; we guarantee it! The average payback is between 8-18 months.

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