Wait a minute, goFred Zone... Did you just say you
offer a FREE citywide wireless network?

People had a difficult time digesting this concept at first. In the modern world, customers aren’t used to services that come without a price tag. And while local competitors were slow to warm up to the idea of free internet, Fredericton has set the trend for IT innovation across North America with the goFred Zone.

We made history with our free network

Since 2003 and the implementation of FredeZone, Fredericton has been recognized as a regional center for knowledge-based industries. The free wireless network spans the city almost in its entirety. Hot spots include the Fredericton mall, Kings Place, parks and arenas, hotels and convention centers, and the airport. Access on the north side is broadening. Setting a national trend has put Fredericton on the map as a big player in the IT world.
The Zone is aimed at public spaces. Perhaps you're sipping coffee at Reads and want to check the forecast, or send off a forgotten e-mail. With the Zone you can do that.

We operate on a best-effort network, which means outages are responded to by the good will of our staff and during business hours. A common misconception is that the city funds the Zone service. Our members fund it; with the Zone as part of our operational budget. Any surplus in our company goes back into your public network. We've worked alongside community players including nonprofits like the YMCA of Fredericton.

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We’re proud that our citizens enjoy a free wireless service, marking the first of its kind in Canada. The goFred Zone is kind of awesome.

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